Automatic Instant Noodle Production Line Capacity 160000 Packet A Day

Paste width:650mm                      Capacity: 160,000/8h (65g/pcs)
No Equipments Model Quantity             Remark
1 Brine metrology mixer LGH100 2set 1.5 kw, Pump power 0.75 kw, the capacity of 1000 l/units, contact with water for stainless steel surface
2 Supply metering device LGJ10 1set Volume of 110 liters with LCD., round of tank, stainless steel, the pump is 0.75 kw,
3 Double speed dough mixer LGJ250 2set power 11/14kw, 200 kg/pan, manually open the door, contact with the surface of stainless steel and nylon
4 Disc curing machine LG250 1set Power 4 kw, Tray 2000 mm x 410 mm and raw material for stainless steel surface contact
5 Single continuous rolling machine LG10-90 1set Paste width 650, 11+18.5=29.5kw power(Frequency control of motor speed), 10 pcs steel roller, Hands + worm mechanism adjustable thickness,  roll diameter φ395×1, φ300×2, φ248×2, φ216*2, φ180×2, φ162×2,
6 Single-layer steamed noodles machine LGM90 1set Machine is 30 meters long, 3 kw power (VVVF), fan 0.37 kw x 2 units, water seal, mechanical lifting door, stainless steel
7 Cutting and folding machine LG160 1set Main drive 1.5 kw (frequency control of motor speed),air knife:0.9 kw,
With spray device.
8 Fried dryer LG160-1 1set The main drive 3kw (frequency control), lifting 2.2 kw, circulating pump 15 kw, gear pump 2.2 kw, air knife 0.9 kw × 2,100m2 spiral heat exchanger 1 Taiwan, 1.5 m3 + 4.5m3 each tank 1, carbon steel production
9 Strong Air cooling device LG180 1 set Blower: 0.37 kwx14 sets, exhaust fan 3 kw power supply by Fried, carbon steel plastic sheeting
10 Shunt conveyor LG200 1 set Main drive 1.1 kw (VVVF),
10 Conveyor LGS160 3set 0.37 kw x 3 main drive, mechanical control, stainless steel panel
11 Products conveyor LGCS160 3set w x 2 main drive, mechanical control, stainless steel panel
12 Electric control cabinet LGBPT-1 1 set The main process adopts frequency control of motor speed, PLC program control
Total: 105kw

This is the complete automatic instant noodles production line with capacity 160000packs a day. This line is consisted of brine mixer, supply metering device,double speed dough mixer,cutting machine,single continous rolling mchine,single-layer steamed noodles machine,cutting and folding machine,fried dryer machine,strong air cooling machine,shunt conveyor,electric control cabinet, packaging machine, etc.

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