Instant Noodles Machine Line|Automatic Instant Noodles Making Machine

The instant noodles making equipment equipped in the production line is well-made, advanced in technology, operability, and can be automatically controlled according to user requirements. At the same time, the production line reduces the impact of human operation factors on the process effect, and the product quality and yield have a reliable guarantee. At the same time, it also reduces the energy consumption per unit of product.
instant noodles making machine
Features of fried instant noodles production line:
1. Varioud noodles products: Fried bag instant noodle, fried bowl instant noodle, etc
2. Complete design of safety and health, high degree automation, effective and energy-saving, low oil consumption.
3. Automatic adjustment of dough sheet thickness,no manual operation, automatic dough sheet feeding and tracking.
4. Convenient loading and unloading of the scraper, pressure can be adjusted by random, no damage to roller.
5. The quantity of rollers can be optional combination, to meet the rolling requirement of different food.

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