Bamboo Chopsticks Making Machine

Bamboo Chopsticks Making Machine is used bamboo as raw material to make chopsticks. The complete set of bamboo chopsticks making machine is consisted of 6 units of single machines and the Output: 40000pairs/8hours. The complete set of bamboo chopsticks making machine need 3-4 workers.

bamboo chopsticks machine
If customer add another 2 more sets Chopsticks forming machine,the capacity is 120000 pairs/8hours. Usually this machine need 380v/50HZ,3 phases voltage in china. If the voltage in your country is 220v/3 phases,then you can use a transformer to change the voltage.And we also can custom the voltage into 220v/3 phases. Engery consumation:10℃/h,can contunue work for 12hours.
bamboo chopsticks machine
Normally the size of the finished chopsticks is length 19-24cm.width 1.2—1.3cm,thickness 0.4—0.5cm. Normally per cube meter timber can produce 50000pairs chopsticks for length 190mm.
bamboo chopsticks machine
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