Belt type Automatic Nuts Roaster Machine|Commercial Dry Fruit Roaster Machine

Belt type automatic nuts roaster machine is suitable for verious kind of nuts, like peanut, sesame, almond, cashew nut, tiger nut, chickpea, pistachios, etc. and also can used to process the grains, like corn, Quinoa, Oat etc. and also can process various kind of seeds. 
Material of this Automatic Belt type nut roaster machine can be designed according to clients’ requirement. Like make the machine to be All stainless steel, food touch parts to be stainless steel and other port to be Carbon Steel all ok. For capacity, it is also can be designed according to clients’ demand like 200kg/h, 300kg/h, 500kg/h etc. For heating method of this automatic roaster mahcine,it can be made to be Gas heating, electric heating haccording to your demand. 
automatic nut roasting machine
Working Principle of Belt Type Automatic Nut Roaster:
Continuous roasting machine for nuts is a type of stream jetting roaster, hot air sprayed through the holes roast the materials on conveyor belt up and down at the same time, for the jet gas velocity is up to more than 15 m/s, so the membrane of transfer convection is very thin, the coefficient of heat transfer is big, and heating speed is fast. For materials of airtight class content, the jet stream from above still returns to the above, that from the under holes also return back there to participate in the heat transmission circulation to make the roasting effect better.
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