Equipment for Production of Frozen French Fries

Potato is an important agricultural product on the international market. Most countries in the world are cultivated. China's potato cultivation area, total output and consumption rank the forefront of the world. Potatoes are also used as raw materials for food processing in addition to fresh food. The main processed products include potato starch and its products, potato chips, quick-frozen (fried) chips and so on.
Raw materials (fresh potatoes) by cutting, color protection and pre-cooked, 5min pre-drying in 60 ℃, and then dry 20min in  80 ~ 90 ℃ , fried 35 ~ 40s in 170 ~ 175 ℃ oil, the moisture content of the finished french fries is 65% to 70%, and oil content 4.8% to 5.7%. The commercial fries are usually needed to go through the frozen and the last frying.
Video of Automatic Frozen French Fries Equipment:

LONGER Machinery offers both Automatic Frozen French Fries Equipment and Semi-automatic Frozen French Fries Equipment. 
Comparied to Semi-automatic french fries equipment, the automatic frozen french fries equipment is more labor-saving and with larger capacity such as 100kg/h, 300kg/h, 500kg/h, etc. There are some conveyors in the complete line, which is saving time and improving efficiency. So if you want larger capacity french fries equipment or you already in business for several years and plan to extend capacity, we suggest you automatic frozen french fries equipment.
Through practice, the semi-automatic french fries equipment is proved to have the advantages of good treatment result, with smaller capacity, less consumption and less occupied area.
Video of Semi-automatic Frozen French Fries Equipment:
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