How To Cutting Peanut|Nut|Dried Fruit

The peanut cutting machine absorbs the advantages of similar products with the advantages of reasonable structure, high efficiency, energy saving, convenient use, etc. The product has uniform grain size, beautiful appearance, less material consumption and no greasy phenomenon, and is a food processing industry.
nut cutting machine
Peanut cutting machine working principle
This machine is mainly used for chopping of different size materials such as beans and nuts in food processing industry (such as peanuts, almonds, walnuts, coix seed, chestnut kernel).
The shredder consists of a hopper, conveying, chopping, vibration grading and other mechanisms. The peanuts are evenly fed into the food conveyor belt by the upper hopper, and the cut material is sent to the reciprocating knife chopping mechanism to be chopped by the speed adjustable conveyor belt, and then vibrated and screened to obtain the granules of the required specifications.
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