The Instructions Of Model GGHG-1000 Grain Dryer Machine

This series of grain dryer adopt vertical and parallel stirring method, the height of the grain dryer is often 3-5.5m, when install, it is better use forklift or crane and so on equipment.
1.1,The motor should run according to the direction of the arrow
1.2,After the power cord is connected, the test the machine run empty, if run in reverse, just the two Fire Wire bit lines in tune.
1.3,This machine The unit uses the international channel of the column, Each channel is equipped with a drill hole at the bottom of a square iron seat,Users should install the machine stable then be fixed with screws explosion,In order to avoid shock when machine work.
grain dryer machine
2.Operating instructions 
2.1,After installing the machine securely, the initial use should first test machine empty.
2.2 After confirmed the machine is running well without any material inside, it will be ok to confirm and check the machine before putting material.
(1)Clean the inwall of the machine to make sure there is no impurity to pollute raw material. 
(2)Before the machine delivered out from factory, it had been filled butter. But , the user should be maintain it according to your usage. General, it can be filled once per month. 
(3)There are Discharge holes on the side of the burrel. Make sure whether the discharge hole already in close condition before putting material.
(4)Make sure the switch of Cleaning Material Hole already closed well. 
(5)Make sure the inlet hole whether is sealed well, and impressed notch whether had been fixed well. 
2.3,After the inspection is completed, then can feeding, The machine has a built-cast hopper guard, mainly used to protect the operator safety and isolation than 3x3cm pieces of material set.
2.4 After feeding, it is time to activite motot to set mixing time according to proportion of different ingredients. 
(1)Suggest setting mixing time of Seeds material: cyclingly remmix 30-60 minutes
(2)Suggest mixing time of Crumbling material: 60-90 minutes after finishing feeding material. 
2.5,In order to keep mixing effect, it is better to feed 90% per bucket than 100%.
2.6,After mixing the raw material, it can discharge from the discharge mouth. Cleaning mouth clean materials that failed to finish unloading
2.7,When cleans materials at the cleaning mouth , please use blower gun to clean. Prohibit to clean the rest of the raw material by hand when machine is working.
2.8,Please add drying time if you mix different material of different proportion
2.9,If you need clean mixing tank please use blower gun and clean mop. In case of chassis to rust,prohibiting use water washing directly.
2.10,Please turn off the power if you don't use it for a long time.
2.11,Please fill butter once every 10-15days,the filling parts :chassis center of bearings,bearing lid belt positioning.
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