Automatic Instant Noodles Line - Non Fried Instant Noodles Machine

non-fried instant noodles machinery
The non-fried instant noodle production line is R & D, design and production of the ISO technical team. It breaks through the traditional technology and makes the noodle or dough smooth and delicate, soft and elastic. Muddy soup and other characteristics, in the dry meat is also unique innovation, large particles, rehydration fast, flexible and not stiff, fresh and juicy. Hot air drying, safe without preservatives, the product shelf life of 9 months at room temperature. Non-fried instant noodle production line of the surface block and the round block of the points, in bulk, bags, drums, the output of 7500 packets to 25000 bags / hour, the weight of the surface from 50 grams to 100 grams, Roll width from 200MM to 1000MM optional.  
The Process flow of Non-Fried Instant Noodles Machine: Flour - sieving - and - brine tanks - compound calendering - continuous calendering - shredding - cooking - quantitative cutting - drying - air cooling - packaging Technology provided: 1, to provide large and medium-sized complete sets of technology and equipment supporting one-stop service; 2, the whole plant planning, plant design, equipment selection, assembly line design, equipment layout, installation guide, technical training, technical drawings, technical documents, process formulation, commissioning production, production of qualified products
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