Paddy Drying Machine

paddy dryer machinepaddy dryer machine
Paddy Drying Machine
is a small household food drying equipment developed for the needs of rural farmers. It can be used to dry corn, soybean, wheat, rice, paddy, grain, rape, millet and so on.
The main body of this Paddy Drying Machine adopts the reverse circulation tower internal circulation structure, the overall modular structure, easy to disassemble and transport, small footprint, good drying quality, low labor operation intensity.
This paddy drying equipment is with low cost, suitable for rural use in northeast China. Biomass hot stove with corn stalk as fuel, furnace and heat exchanger integrated docking design, compact structure, low energy consumption, high thermal efficiency, small footprint, and the main match with the dryer. The small grain dryer in line with the international community to continuously improve the quality of grain drying, reduce energy consumption, reduce losses, in line with green, durability, preservation drying concept.
Advantages of Paddy Drying Machine: No matter how the output changes, the dryer can be designed as a single, small footprint, less ancillary equipment; do not increase the number of operators; open-air production, without hood. Therefore: the greater the yield, the total cost of system investment and recycling dryer compared to the lower, more efficient advantages of the more obvious.
Small grain drying machine production line work all-round hot air permeability design, with a wide dry area, through the constant temperature ventilation device, automatic fast temperature control, hot air indirect heating so that no pollution of grain to ensure that each grain of dry and uniform , With a good taste, with excellent quality drying effect.
1: The device structure is simple, small size, easy to operate, no auxiliary equipment, easy to transport and move.
2: Hot air as a drying medium, the use of circular drying process, the grain heated precipitation uniform, full, good quality after drying.
3: Dryer to coal, rice husk or straw as fuel, after burning and heat transfer into clean hot air, no pollution of the dried grain.
4: Small investment, the use of low cost, can automatically control the work process, automatic shutdown, simple operation, in line with the needs of small and medium-sized farms and farmers.
5: Equipped with automatic online temperature measurement, wetting device, greatly improve the degree of automation, dry uniformity is good.
6: Clean and convenient, especially for dry grain seeds.

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