Where to Buy a Continuous Fryer Machine For Pork Chicharrones(Pork Rinds)?

The amazing Pork Chicharrones or pork rinds is a popular snack food in many countries. To make fried pork chicharrones commercially, you need a high quality Pork Chicharrones Continuous Fryer. Where to buy a continuous fryer for pork chicharrones? LONGER Machinery offers several models of continous fryers with capacities range from 100kg/h to 1000kg/h
pork rinds frying machine
Main features of Pork Chicharrones Continuous Fryer:
1. Mesh belt transmission adopts frequency infinitely adjustable-speed, frying time can be controlled.
2. Equipment with automatic lifting system Easy to clean
3. At the bottom , there is the waste discharge,Can automatically discharge dregs.
4. Use upper and lower double mesh belt transmission, can avoid the floater
5. Pork Chicharrones Continuous Fryer is equipped with oil circulation filter system,can continuously filtered oil residue, and extend the service life of cooking oil.
6. Suit for processing the vegetable , the cooked wheaten food, the aquatic product,etc.
7. Adopt all 304 stainless steel.
frying pork skin machine
About Frying Pork Skin Machine
1.The fried food process of the pork skin frying machine through limit control, temperature control, scientific use of vegetable oil and animal fat proportion relationship between the leaching of fat meat, Fried foods natural sink lower vegetable oils, oil keeps pure upper-middle-class job like this.The Fried food not only color, aroma, taste, clean appearance, and improve the product quality, extend the shelf life of the product.
2.The Fried technology of the pork rinds fryer machine taken from a reservoir in the central heating way, control the temperature of the upper and lower reservoir, effectively alleviate the degree of oxidation of frying oil, acid value increases, so as to prolong the service life of frying oil.
3.This process makes the Fried food produced in the process of food particles and excess water from high temperature, heavy metal soon sank into the low temperature zone with the water drop, when frying oil excessively dry, water can supply again Fried reservoir appropriate moisture, make the Fried food won’t appear coking, carbonized phenomenon, can effectively control carcinogens, to ensure a healthy eaters.
4.Unique product technology and scientific product structure of pork skin frying machine can help users save energy.
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