Chinese Automatic Rice Noodles Manufacturing Machine

Chinese rice noodles manufacturing machine not only adopts production process, so that it retains and beyond the original flavor, but also introduce international advanced food processing technology, greatly enhance the production efficiency.
The majority of customers use efficient energy-saving rice noodle manufacturing machine unanimously praise: the machine is a model of rice noodle machine! Guangzhou Asahi by virtue of its first distinguished quality and excellent service, must be the user's wise choice.
rice noodles manufacturing machine
Features of Chinese rice noodles manufacturing machine:
◆ All imported stainless steel manufacturing, streamline comfortable, clean and beautiful, durable;
◆ use of direct heating heating, heating up fast, low fuel consumption, energy saving than ordinary rice noodles 40% or more;
◆ High production speed, product thickness and temperature control, can be arbitrarily adjusted;
◆ Being efficient use of energy-saving rice noodle machine production of rice flour, a complete preservation of the nutritional content of rice, river powder quality, both nutrient-rich, but also healthy and delicious.
rice noodle machine manufacturers
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