The Installation of Rice Noodles Machine

The Feacutes of Rice Noodles Making Machine:
1, Advanced production technology: the use of biological denaturing new technology, raw materials by extrusion polymerization, a machine that is cooked, a molding, without cooking.
2, A high degree of automation: instrument monitoring, simple operation, 1 to 2 people can produce, screw propulsion, automatic maturation, automatic molding.
3, Safety and health: mechanical and electrical integration, the whole closed structure of production, stable performance, the production process pollution-free, safe and sanitary, in line with national food hygiene standards.
4, A high rate of flour: from feeding to the powder only a few minutes, you can produce fresh rice noodles, but also produce dry packaging products (rice noodles, grains and noodles and noodles, etc.), 1 kg of rice can produce fresh rice flour 2.8 kg.
5, Rice noodle machine is widely applied to all starchy food crops. Rice, corn, buckwheat, sweet potato, potato, mung bean, peas and so can produce, it can not only produce rice noodles, rice noodles, Korean cold noodles, beef ribs, rice cakes, corn noodles, all kinds of grains fans, , Color noodles and other multi-surface food, and each food thickness, thickness and other specifications can be adjusted according to need, truly a multi-purpose machine.
6, It can produce dozens of specifications of products, such as: round, flat, thickness, width, thickness, various shapes can produce (round, flat), processed food appearance smooth, thickness, width, thickness adjustable, Soft, moderate, soft, taste pure.
7, Multi-functional rice noodle machine, fast production, high yield, model number, the scale of investment may vary, for individual, township and urban food processing plants.
rice noodles making machine

Installation and usage of Rice Noodles Making Machine:
1. The machine shall be installed on a leveled hardened ground, marked with a ground wire. Transmission should be well protected or installed on the wall, so as not to hurt the transmission.
2, When you do maintenance or repair of the machine, you must cut off the power, or it may be a serious personal safety hazard.
3. Equipment and operating personnel have water when the hands do not operate the electrical button switches and other original, or likely to cause electric shock; to ensure good contact with the plug, poor contact may cause a fire.
4. Please do not use the damaged power head, do not close the power cord near the heat source, otherwise it will cause electric shock or fire.
5. Do not use the machine for a long time, please cut off the power, otherwise it may cause electric shock or fire.
6. Please confirm the motor and external power supply voltage matching, the use of three-phase power supply must be a body leakage protection wiring.
7. External power supply must match the installation of air-open protection, and try the positive and negative, click the start switch, if the machine is reversed, replace the tool switch thread.
8. Keep the hands away from the rotating parts such as the hopper and belt when the machine is running. Do not put your hands in the hopper.
9. No other hard debris into the inside.
10. Check whether there is any abnormality before starting the machine. If there is abnormal smell or sound in the machine, turn off the power immediately and contact with the professional maintenance personnel for maintenance.

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