Ice Cream Sugar Cones Production Line Sold to Egypt

Customer from Egypt ordered one set of full automatic ice cream sugar cones production line from Zhengzhou LONGER Machinery. The machine customer ordered is model LG37×2-16A with capacity 3500-4000 pieces per hour.
sugar cones making machine
The complete set of ice cream sugar cones production line including full automatic filling batter, baking, rolling and conveying-cooling-counting.
The same machine can make different products within round biscuit,sugar rolled cone, egg roll with changing the different forming devices.
The size of the finished cones is within 145mm long can be customized according customer’s requirements, such as angle,width,depth,figure and thickness.
ice cream cones production line
The ice cream sugar cones production line is driven by the 3 phases power and backing oven is heating with gas (natural gas or liquid gas),electric ignition, oven temperature electronic display. The Ice Cream biscuit cone production line is very high ability and it is all automatic from spraying the batter, baking, forming, falling off from molds, conveying products, stacking and counting.
cone biscuit making machine
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