Cotton Bud Making Machine in Lebanon

“I want totally automatic cotton bud making machine, there is a huge sale for buds. We want to make several type in bags & different type or shape plastic boxes, and i think it will be optional on the end of the production line.” Customer from Lebanon asked about our automatic cotton bud making machine in the first of July. Customer is in business of making cotton buds, cotton balls, and cotton pads for cleaning face for hotel industrials. All machines are ready for shipping now.
cotton bud making machine
An area of 10,452 square kilometers of the Lebanese Republic. It located in the southern West Asia eastern Mediterranean. Eastern and northern Syria at the junction of southern Palestine (Israel) is adjacent to the west by the Mediterranean Sea. The coastline of 220 km. Lebanese territory according to the terrain can be divided into the coastal plain, coastal plains on the eastern side of Mount Lebanon, the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon eastern side of Mount Lebanon and the eastern part of Antioch. Mount Lebanon runs through the whole territory, Kool Nate Sa Wuda mountain 3083 meters above sea level, is the highest peak in Lebanon. Many rivers, westward into the Mediterranean. Lebanon tropical Mediterranean climate. Coast hot summer climate is humid and warm in winter, snow mountain areas up to 4-6 months, most of the region in October - next April for the rainy season. Coastal plain and in the Bekaa Valley in July the average maximum temperature is 32 ℃, the average January minimum temperature of 7 ℃ and 2 ℃. The average annual rainfall of about 1000 mm, 1200 mm or more mountainous.
Quantity:1 set
Certificate: CE
Destination Port: BEIRUT port 
Place: Lebanon

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