Customer Review For Noodles Machine

customer review for noodles machine
A few months ago, customer from Mauritius ordered a set of dough mixer and noodles making machine from LONGER Machinery. After testing and using for a few months, the noodles machine working good.Customer sent us the high praise, and affirmed he would buy a new set of mixer and noodles machines from our company.
LONGER® noodles machine is multi-purpose for making both fresh noodle and dry noodles. Customer can add additional flavors or colors to make egg noodles, vegetable noodles,mung bean noodles, etc,which is perfect for noodles shops,supermarkets or restaurants.
LONGER Machinery pursues the value of Principle, Dare Play, Honesty, Cooperation, Fairness, Keep pace with the times, and serve our customers wholeheartedly. With more than 6 yesars of export business, LONGER has accumulated rich experience,and also has grown and learnt a lot.
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