Customer From Iran Visiting Instant Noodles Line

instant noodle line
Iran customer visiting for our instant noodles production line on Nov.9th,2016. Customers from Iran are in business with food processing. Mahnam company with headquarters in Iran and Canada was founded in 1969, and becomes one of the most well known food companies in Middle East and North America.
Customer from Iran shows great interest in manufacturing instant noodles, and sent inquiry on Nov.7th. After getting our quotation of our sales person Miss Lucy, customer visited us today. Under the leader of Miss Lucy, they visit our factory as well as office.
We sincerely hope to cooperate with our customer. LONGER® Instant Noodles Production Line can be divided into fried and non-fried line, both with bag type packing and bowl/cup type packing.Capacity range from 30,000 bags/8hours to 200,000bags/8hours, which can also be customized.
The Automatic instant noodles plant can also be used to produce non-fried instant noodle by changing the frying machine,which can also produce cup instant noodles by changing mould. The Production flow chart: wheat flour, dressing mixer →curing machine →Composite continuous rolling→steamed noodles → frame cutting→folding → deep fry → cooling → packing.
According to the desired production capacity, the instant noodles processing plant can produce 30, 60, 100, 160,or 200 bowls/cups thousand packs of instant noodles every shift. Using the advanced technology for nutrient and instant foodstuff complete lines, the plant is innovative with advanced structure, excellent performance  and reliable quality that provide an ideal choice for the investor in foodstuff industry.

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