Machines For Making Large Sticks For Meat Burning in Thailand

bamboo sticks
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Place: Thailand
In Thailand, there are three barbecue story. The first barbecue symbolizes Somerset Maugham world of privilege, in this world, who sat high jet frequent the most luxurious hotels in Asia. Grill the other two reflect the characteristics of the Third World's diet. Three barbecue appear in the political and cultural center of Thailand: Bangkok. They embody the Thai people to love strong flavors, as well as things highly respected.
Curiously, not one of Thailand's major global center barbecue. Thai cooking dishes, there is no one good barbecue dishes. She was not able to roast beef with Brazil, Italy Florentine steak, chicken, or the United States Yi Langmi comparable barbecue ribs.
However, in various parts of Thailand can experience the grill, regardless beach in Ko Samui, Chiang Mai plateau, or crowded Bangkok streets and alleys. Thai people are very fond of fire to cook food, not only for special occasions, as it also daily food.
Thai riverside common platform torch barbecue. Barbecue spectacular scene is solemn, ovens and dish rack stretching 15 meters long. Seafood stalls, firelight illuminates spiny crayfish, lobster Cape Town, Tamsui marine shrimp, and a variety of fish, which are neatly buried in the ice inside. And on poultry and meat stalls, chicken, duck, squab, beef and pork in the oven was burned sizzles.
How to make Large Sticks For Meat Buring? LONGER Machinery offers commercial used BBQ Stick Processing Machine.
Tips of using bamboo bbq sticks:
1, bamboo should be cleaned thoroughly and regularly cleaned bamboo box, preferably a breathable mesh large fall without causing the kind of bamboo.
2, moldy rice water soak bamboo stick with a salt scrub, wash and pour a little vinegar on a bamboo stick, put the sun to dry, then rinse with water.
3, regular disinfection of bamboo, bamboo stick placed into the unused clean, well ventilated place.
Bought barbecue bamboo is too dry, so as to long-term storage. Soak for 10 minutes before the barbecue with brine, roasted bamboo stick will not be burnt

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