Automatic Noodle Making Machine Sold to Romania

fresh noodle machine

Machine: Automatic Noodle Making Machine
Quantity: 1 set
Certificate: CE
Place: Romania

tăiţei,which means noodle in Romanian language, is a staple food in many cultures.

How to use and maintain Fresh Noodle Machine:
1. Check if the voltage of your factory is suitable for the machine, to make sure the wire is solid, and ground connection is good.
2. Plug into the power outlet and press the switch to start the machine.
3. Check before you use the machine, remove the dirt inside the machine, add a little cooking oil to the pressing roller and the knife, gears and bearings should be regularly added to the solid lubricant (grease).
4. The noodle cutter can be changed arrording to customer's requirement, to make different sizes of fresh noodles.
5. Pressing: Remove the section of the roll-type knife. Start the machine and put the ball of dough to feed plate is introduced between the pressing roller, from thick to thin, repeatedly pressing. Because I plant the pressing machine using the new sprocket, pressing the thickest is 10mm. So the user can adjust the thickness arrording to their own requirements.
6, Cutting: Press the desired thickness regulating noodles pressing nip, fitted section of the roll-type knife, turned to face the blank section introducing means to cut noodles.
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