Fruit And Vegetables Cleaning Dry line|Automatic Apple Washer Dry Machine Line

What is fruit and vegetables washer dry machine?
 Fully automatic cleaning line, cleaning air line, complete automatic operation, cleaning air line. Under normal circumstances, you can choose the function you need according to customer needs, with high flexibility and strong automation. The equipment is simple to operate, high in efficiency and labor saving. The product is conveyed through the mesh belt and turned over. After passing through the air knife, the surface of the product is scraped off. Depending on the product, the number of fans equipped for production varies.
 The automatic cleaning line is suitable for the water removal work after sterilization of high-low temperature meat products, vegetable products and other soft packaging products, and is also suitable for surface water removal after vegetable cleaning. Through repeated turning and draining and high-pressure strong cold wind blowing, the flexible packaging completely achieves the effect of surface water bead drying, and the equipment is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. It occupies a small space and is easy to operate, suitable for customers of all kinds of production.
1.Save water, save electricity, save time, be clean and not damage the product.
2.High efficiency, small footprint, safe and reliable.
3.Simple installation, easy operation, convenient maintenance and low energy consumption.
4.The product is made of stainless steel, durable, equipment raw materials will not be damaged, so as to achieve high cleaning, labor saving, water saving, stable and reliable equipment performance. The cleaned object is cleaned more than three times higher than the conventional washing method.
5.The frame is made of high quality SUS304 stainless steel, which meets the national food industry standards.
6.The material is cleaned by bubble tumbling, brushing and spraying techniques.
7.The cleaning operation speed is adjustable, and the user can arbitrarily set according to different cleaning contents.
8.The machine is compact in structure and high in automation, and is suitable for enterprises of various processing scales.
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