Automatic French Fries Making Machine

The Working Process of Automatic French Fries Machine: Feeding by Elevator---Cleaning and Peeling---Sorting---Potato Chips Cutting---Rinsing Machine---Blanching---Air Dewatering---Fryer Machine---Vibrate De-oil Machine---Air Drying Machine---Flavoring Machine
The total set of automatic french fries production line consists of 10 main machines and 4 auxiliary machines.
The total set of automatic french fries production line is fully automatic, which only need 6-8 person to operate, so it improves the production efficiency and reduces the cost of production largely.
Advantages of Automatic Potato Chips Plant
★ The whole process is based on technology accepted world-wide, modifications are incorporated to meet local conditions. 
★ This fully automatic potato chips production line is of low investment and high profitable.
★ The potato chips machinery is energy-saving, small in size and easy to maintain.
★ Professional personnel give full-course guidance and installation, and we also provide free training for operators.
★ The exclusively researched formula for making crispy potato chips will be provide for customers at free of charge. 
★ Longer brand, longer lifespan. Usually, the total production line can be used 10 to 20 years, with working time 8 hours a day.
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