Introduction of Chicken Nuggets Processing Machine

Zhengzhou Longer Machinery develops machines for the production of chicken nuggets. This chicken nuggets equipment is widely used in the poultry industry and snack food or fast food processing. For some of our customers we are delivering standalone equipment and for other customers complete chicken nugget of production lines. We focus on the convenience food sector.
Chicken Nuggets Machine can be used to produce hamburger patty, chicken nuggets, beef steak, fish steak, shrimp cutlet, hash brown potato, etc.
chicken nuggets processing machine
We supply automatic & continuous line to realize complete procedures: Forming patty - Coating batter - Coating flour - Coating bread crumb
The main freatures of Chicken Nuggets Processing Machine:
* All 304 S/S 
* High degree automation 
* Easy operation
* Easy clean 
This processing line for chicken nuggets can process diversified materials:
Meat: Poultry, beef, mutton, pork etc.
Seafood: fish, shrimp
Vegetable: Pumpkin and potato, cheese and their mixer.

The total set of chicken nuggests processing equipment consists of Continuous Powdering Machine, Continuous Frying Machine,Vibrating Screen,Wind Cooling Machine and Lifting Machine.

What about the After-sale Service?
1.Free consultation service before, during, and after sales; 
2.Free project planning and design services; 
3.Free debugging of equipment until everything is functional; 
4.Free training of equipment maintenance and operating personally; 
5.Free new production techniques and formulas.

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