Fully Automatic Potato Chips Making Machine Price

potato chips machine
Fully automatic potato chips making machine is consisted of potato washing peeling machine, chips cutter machine, blanching machine, de-watering machine, frying machine, deoiling machine, seasoning machine, and packaging machine.
1) Working process of fully automatic potato chips making machine:
Raw material→washing→peeling→picking line→cutting→washing→blanching→ de-watering→drying→frying→deoiling→seasoning→checking→packing
2) Output capacity 
It is 4:1 for fresh potato and finished potato chips. 4:1 
And our output capacity for potato chips is 100,150,200,300kg/h.
4)fresh potato chips requirement
For fresh potato
Diameter is about40—60 mm, regular shape;
Inside is white, small bud ;
Drying material content is about 22—25%.
deoxidize sugar content ≤0.2%:before using the potatoes, it is needed to put storage potatoes in another room whose temperature is about 12-18 °C and last for 1 week 
Washing peeling: choose brush washing peeling 
Chips: it is about1.5- 2mm; size and thickness is in uniform, surface is smooth
LONGER Machinery offer complete set of potato chips making machine. LONGER Machinery is a professional machinery produce company who mainly designs, manufactures and sales food processing machines,Packing Machines,Wood Processing Machines,Etc. The Machines has been exported to USA, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Mid-east and most of the countries in Europe.
Packaging & Shipping
1.Packaging Specification:
By sea, land, air, DHL is our main mode of transportation.
Outside Package:Wooden Packing as Exportand Standard. Inner Package:Strech Film
2.Delivery time:5-10days after received 40% of the whole payment.
3.About Shipping:By Sea, Air shipping and DHL as your choice.

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