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Kwetiau goreng (Indonesian for "fried flat noodle") is a Chinese Indonesian and Malay Singaporean stir fried flat rice noodles.It is a flavorful and spicy fried noodle dish common in Indonesia. How to make kwetiau? LONGER offers automatic kwetiau making machine.
The working production of kwetiau:
Rice washing → soaking → grinding → mixing batter → steaming → cutting → cooling → packaging.
1. Rice washing: To remove the grain surface of the bran powder and impurities, so that clean rice, to ensure product quality.
2. Soaking: To make rice full of water swelling, softening, easy to pulp. In the immersion process, soluble protein and carbohydrate exudation, while the organization becomes loose structure, is conducive to amylose seepage, improve the quality of powder. The amount of water is generally higher than the surface of the material 5 cm above; soaking time is usually 2 to 6 hours, the specific length of time should be based on rice varieties and temperature, water temperature to decide. Summer every half hour, winter every hour to be replaced once the water
 3. Grinding: Mixing water and the soaked rice to grind into rice milk. Refiner requires the feed water evenly, the moisture content of the slurry is 50 ~ 60% (25 ~ 30 ° Bé); the thickness of the refining to pass through the 100 mesh sieve is better, such as coarse rice, the finished product is rough, Chewiness is poor, over 100 mesh sieve finished product, the finished product sensory and steam quality are better. Overall, the finer the better.
kwetitau making machine
4. Mixing: To mix some water with the rice powder (The proportion of water and rice powder is 2:1 or 4:1), and then heated in boiling water for about 30 minutes, so that it is fully gelatinized, and then slowly add the slurry into the slurry, mixing evenly.
5. Steaming: Before steaming, make sure the thickness of rice batter. 
6. Cut and shape: Cut the steam is a good powder by the rolling knife mold automatically cut the article, the standard vermicelli width of 0.8 cm. Just cut the vermicelli, the temperature is still high, the surface with a gelatinous solution, sticky, and therefore need to be assembled by the fan cooling, after cooling the vermicelli, that has been formed, this time can be charged.
kweitau making machine
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