New Type Egg Tart Forming Machine

egg tart forming machine
There are three kinds of capacities for this new type of commercial Egg Tart Forming Machine according to the size of the finished egg tart.
For 8 cm egg tarts, the capacity is 28 pieces per minute.
For 7cm egg  tarts, the capacity is 36 pieces per minute.
For standard Cantonese egg tart, the capacity is 45 pieces per minute.
Note: The machine is mainly for food processing factories and catering, which can be labor saving and high efficiency.
The use of PLC control, air pressure forming, turntable mechanical structure, all stainless steel shell, hot die seat, with different molds, can form Cantonese-style egg tarts, Portuguese egg tarts, coconut tarts and so on.
· The main parameters:
· Power supply voltage: AC220V / 50Hz
Power consumption: 0.4kw (hot)
Consumption of gas: 0.2 cubic meters / min (compressed air, pressure 0.6 ~ 0.8MPa)
Production speed: 28 / min 36 / min 45 / min
Production speed: about 2000 / hour
Dimensions: L650 × W750 × H1350
Weight: 135kg
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