Macaroni Pasta Making Machine

macaroni pasta making machine
Macaroni also known as macaroni, in foreign countries is a very common one of the flour products, China's Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin and other places also have a small amount of production. Many types of macaroni are generally selected starch rich food by crushing, gelatinizing, flavoring, squeezing, drying and made a variety of good taste, unique flavor of the surface of the class of food.
Macaroni Pasta Making Machine manufactured by LONGER Machinery is adopted advanced technology and scientific innovation, the use of advanced production technology, access to a number of national patents. The macaroni production line design is reasonable, high degree of automation, extrusion parameters control accuracy, the host with high and low pressure spiral, an increase of the use of raw materials, reduce costs and improve the quality of the product. The machine a multi-purpose, complete products, many tricks, long and short products can produce. Products are exported to Russia, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia to Cuba, Bangladesh, Turkey, Paraguay, Malaysia and other countries.
The main features of Macaroni pasta making machine:
1. The machine has a feeding system, extrusion system, peeling system, heating system, transmission system, cooling system and control system and other components.
2. The use of advanced frequency technology, the equipment to run more stable, more power;
3. Screw alloy steel nitriding treatment, screw long life;
4. Te process: raw material preparation → mixing → extrusion → transport → dry → finished → (packaging)
5. The equipment configuration: Mixing machine → feeding machine → extruder → conveyor hoist → oven → (packaging machine)
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