Semi-automatic Egg Tart Shell Maker Machine|Egg Tart Making Machine

1. The egg tart skin machine is made of stainless steel, used for processing egg tart skin with large capacity, stable performance and easy operation.
2.By changing different size molds, this machine can make various size egg tart skins. The produced egg tarts have a nice texture,sweet smell and delicious tastes.
3.The tart shell maker machine enjoys great popularity both at home and in public places like fast restaurants, kindergartens, shopping malls,etc.
commercial egg tart making equipment
Features of egg tart machine:
1,Breakthrough traditional kneading egg tart by hand. Adopt micro-electronic control forming, 36 pieces one minute.
2,The operation is simple, accurate, fast, light, security, easy cleaning and maintenance.
3,Commercial egg tart shell machine is easy tool changing, and various product production.

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