What Equipment is Needed for Egg Yolk Pie Production Line

You can see a large number of egg yolk pies in supermarkets or bakeries, and all of these cannot be produced without professional equipment. So, do you know what equipment is needed to produce egg yolk pie cakes?
Egg Yolk Pie Production Line
  • 1. Cake mixer: This equipment is used to mix the batter evenly. It usually has a stainless steel mixing bowl and a beater, which can mix the ingredients in the batter together to form a uniform cake batter.
  • 2. Cake filling machine: This is a key equipment for producing egg yolk pies with fillings. It includes a filling device that can inject the egg yolk filling into the center of the cake. The cake filling machine is usually connected to the conveyor belt of the production line to ensure that the egg yolk filling is accurately injected into each cake.
  • 3. Cake forming machine: It is used to pour the batter into cake molds and shape it as required. The cake forming machine can adjust the shape and size of the cake according to product requirements.
  • 4. Baking equipment: This equipment is used for baking the cakes. Baking equipment usually has functions to control temperature and time, ensuring that the cakes are baked under proper conditions. Depending on the production volume, you can choose hot air rotating ovens or tunnel ovens accordingly.
  • 5. Cooling and sterilization conveyor line: Before packaging, the processed cakes need to be cooled for easy packaging, and sterilization is done to ensure the quality of the strawberry cakes and extend the shelf life.
  • 6. Packaging machine: It is used to package the cooled cakes for transportation and sales. The packaging machine can automatically package according to product requirements.
Automatic Egg Yolk Pie Production Line
In order to improve the automation level of the core-filled egg yolk pie cake production line, in addition to the above-mentioned equipment, the production line may also need auxiliary equipment such as conveyor belt systems, control systems, and cleaning equipment to ensure continuous operation of the production line and product quality.
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