What Equipment is Used to Process Nut Butter?

Nuts are rich in a variety of nutrients, and people have developed a series of technological processes such as baking, frying, chopping, coating, and grinding for nuts.
With the rise of catering hot pot and baking trends, people's demand for various jams and nut butters is also growing. In addition to our common tahini and peanut butter, nut butters such as walnut butter, hazelnut butter, and cocoa butter have also begun to appear on the market. So, what equipment is used to process nut butter?

Nut Butter Processing Solutions

The nut butter processing solution developed by our company adheres to high-quality technology, has an advanced control system, and has stable product quality. It solves the technical problems of nut butter oil floating, denatured protein and starch fiber precipitation, etc. The produced nut butter tastes Delicate, with a strong nutty aroma.
It can produce stable, smooth, granular and other nut butters with different flavors such as peanut butter, sesame butter, walnut butter, etc. We can also design and manufacture a variety of fully automatic nut butter production lines with different outputs and configurations according to customer production requirements.

Nut Butter Grinding Equipment

Nut butter processing, in addition to baking, cooling, peeling, blending, degassing, and filling equipment, the core equipment is a colloid mill that can further improve the processing fineness of nut butter.

Nut grinding machine is a new type of equipment for processing nut butter ultrafine particles, which is suitable for homogenization, emulsification and crushing of various emulsions such as nut butter. It is composed of grinding head parts, base transmission parts and motor. The parts in contact with materials are all made of high-quality stainless steel, and the moving grinding disc is the key part of the machine.
According to the different properties of the material to be processed, the tooth shape of the grinding disc is different, but the material is made of stainless steel tools. The motor is specially designed according to the needs of the colloid mill, and a water retaining plate is installed on the flange end cover of the motor to prevent leakage.

The nut butter processing solution designed by our company, the materials in the whole production process are processed in a closed environment, retaining the original flavor and nutrition of the nut butter. With high degree of automation, high efficiency, low consumption and simple operation, it is a wise choice for customers engaged in nut butter processing.
If you want to know the technical consultation of nut butter processing equipment, please feel free to contact us, our company will serve you wholeheartedly.

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