GULFOOD Manufacturing Exhibition Nov 8-10, 2022

GULFOOD brand: Founded in 1987, Gulfood is the largest and most important industry event in the Middle East and North Africa. Gulfood is a very strategic business platform for both buyers and sellers, providing both parties with the opportunity to negotiate business cooperation issues face-to-face. At present, the Middle East has become one of the regions with the fastest growing demand for organic food, especially in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Oman. Although the Middle East is just beginning to recognize organic food, its market growth rate will be very amazing. Rising income levels, increased focus on food, health and safety issues, and familiarity with organic food production will all be the main factors behind the growth of organic food in the Gulf.
The last Gulf Foods Exhibition was the most watched industry event and trade platform in the Middle East region of the year. Food and beverages are always favored by exhibitors and visitors, and high-end brand image is still an important reason to attract international professional buyers. Catering to the market development trend of food production and processing in the Middle East, the ingredients market is also following suit, and it will also become a magic touch for food products, beverages, health food manufacturers and raw material, ingredient manufacturers to communicate and contact. Similarly, processing machinery and food packaging are not far behind. The autumn waters are always the same. Thanks to the newly added exhibition area of ​​26,000 square meters, the processing machinery and food packaging area has doubled. It is conceivable to imagine how much there is in such a rapidly growing industry branch.
gulfood manufacturing

LONGER Machinery will attend the GULFOOD Manufacturing exhibition.
Satisfaction Survey: 98% of exhibitors reported that the Gulf Foods Show delivered the results they expected. 91% of the exhibitors believed that the Gulf Foods Show was very successful, 88% of the exhibitors expressed their satisfaction and recognition of the quality of the audience of the Gulf Foods Show, and 85% of the exhibitors believed that the Gulf Foods Show was worth attending and must attend.
According to the A.T Kearney Global Retail Development Index report, major emerging markets including Gulf countries, North Africa, and India are known as the 'window of opportunity' for the food and beverage industry. In the past 2 years, when developed countries are experiencing economic recession, In the severe winter of declining sales, these emerging countries have bucked the trend and maintained sustained economic growth, with 8 of them ranked in the top 20 in the retail industry development index. Among them, the United Arab Emirates showed the most significant jumping growth, from the first of The top 20 has risen to the top 4. 90% of the food in the Middle East countries depends on imports, which contains huge business opportunities for exporters or manufacturers of food and ingredients, packaging and food processing machinery.

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