How Biscuits are Made in a Factory?

Biscuits are a beloved snack worldwide, and their factory production involves a precise process:
1.Ingredients: Quality ingredients like flour, sugar, fat, and leavening agents are selected.
2.Mixing: Dry ingredients and fat are combined, creating the basic dough.
3.Liquids: Water is added to form a consistent dough.
4.Rolling and Cutting: Dough is rolled and cut into desired shapes.
5.Baking: Biscuits are baked in ovens to achieve the desired texture and color.
6.Cooling: Biscuits are cooled to prevent moisture retention.
7.Packaging: After quality checks, biscuits are packaged.
8.Distribution: Packaged biscuits are ready for sale in stores.
This precise process ensures the biscuits' quality and taste.
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