How A Tree Becomes Ice Cream Sticks?

How a Tree Becomes Ice Cream Sticks? Ice cream wood sticks are commonly used for making ice cream. Do you know how to make ice cream wood sticks?
Wood inspection: To ensure that only suitable beech trunks are used for the production of our ice cream sticks, the felled wood is inspected on site in the forest.
Some Popsicle sticks are made out from the wood of Birch trees (white Birch trees to be specific) which is by the way the native tree of Prince Edward Island Canada, but these are also available in other parts of North America. This wood is a favorite of of furniture makers because of its property that resists breakage. Other common products derived from this wood are tooth picks and tounge depressors used by doctors in clinics
Storage:Proper storage of the beech wood to avoid anything that may damage its quality.
LONGER Machienry offer a total set of ice cream wood sticks production line, which includs Carve Cutting machine,Bundling Machine,Rotary Drying Machine,Branding Machine,Rotary Cutting machine,Selecting Machine.
ice cream wood stick production line
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