Technological Development of Instant Noodle Plant

The influencing factors in  instant noodle production:
1. In the instant noodle production line requires flour wet gluten content requirements in 32--34%. Wet gluten content is low or poor quality will affect the wet gluten gluten network formation, dough flexibility, extensibility affected when rolling to a smooth, uniform thickness of the dough sheet formation cause difficulties, and will affect the taste and oil content of the finished product. Flour ash content level, not only will affect the color and smell of flour, but also affect water and even when the surface of the flour, the impact of gluten network formation, have an impact on product quality. In addition, the effect of particle size on surface and flour is also affected.
2.The flour protein, starch only sufficient water, and in order to achieve good surface effect. Typically requires 100 kg of flour, add water about 30 kg, operations adjusted accordingly based on the water content of the flour, the water content of protein. Without affecting the tabletting and forming the premise of more water as much as possible, to improve product quality and favorable.
3. Add the right amount of salt, which is sincere noodles nutritionists After several experiments it was concluded. And when the surface appropriately added to dissolve the salt, not only flavor, but also to strengthen the gluten, improved dough processing performance. Salt dough while preventing rancidity effect. Usually: high protein co
ntent, more salt, add less and vice versa; high summer temperatures and more salt, add less in winter.
instant noodles making line
Technological development of instant noodle processing:
Bottleneck out of the industry, and constantly improve the production technology and innovation, it is the only way our pasta industry. Instant noodles market is far from mature, this time, a variety of food, aquatic products are emerging, these food packaging technology and equipment have put forward new demands. Instant noodle production line is currently increasingly competitive. The future of instant noodles production line with industrial automation, multi-function, high efficiency, low consumption of food noodle production equipment will be the future development trend of the industry.
Domestic instant noodle market is not a saturated market, plenty of room, according to the statistics, the current annual per capita consumption of instant noodles mainland China about 15 packets, and eating habits similar to Japan and South Korea reached 44 packages and 80 packages, a Japanese trade associations believe that until 30 years per capita consumption of instant noodles package, before the development of instant noodle industry will become more stable.
Instant noodle production line technology trends mainly reflected in high productivity, automation, single multi-functional, multi-purpose production line. Adoption of new technologies related in the extensive use of inflatable packaging packaging methods replace vacuum packaging, inflatable will study composition, packaging materials and inflatable packaging machine three closely together; in control technology, increased use of computer technology and microelectronics technology ; application in terms of sealing heat pipes and cold sealing technology.
The future of instant noodles production line with industrial automation, packaging equipment to promote the overall level of increase, the development of multi-function, high efficiency, low consumption of food packaging equipment.

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