The Most Detailed Instant Noodles Production Process

Instant noodles is one of the most familiar food, which has long been popular. However, do you know how to produce instant noodles? This is the most detailed instant noodles production process.
1, Dough Mixing: Add salt, water, soda and calcium in wheat flour mixed and stirred sufficiently billet surface called dough.
dough mixing
2, Dough Rolling: Making the dough through the roller extends as a strip, two dough pressed into one, so that the fibers are connected. Continuously by rolling the wheel so that the dough thin again, becomes about 1 mm thick
dough rolling
3, Noodle Splitting&waving: The engraved roller grooves make noodles out one by one. Surface Treaty 0.9 to 1 mm thick, which is calculated, soup bubble behind bars a few minutes of play to the greatest extent delicious weight. With the exit of the pendant and bamboo knife pressed into a wavy noodles.
Noodle Splitting
4, Noodle Steaming: 90 -100 steaming surface. Steamed face will add salad oil, salad oil, add in order to allow a uniform, wheel speed increases, a dough roll children also extend slightly, and then spray nozzle to light seasonings plane.
noodle steaming
5, Cup noodle cutting: The face cut into small pieces about 30 centimeters, metal containers of the same size cup and fill the cup surface, the shape of surface finishing, to prevent caking.
cup noodle cutting
6, Noodle Frying: fried in vegetable oil at 150. After high temperature frying dough stage contains 30-40% of water to 3%, the surface becomes crisp and firm, while more health for long term preservation. Fried after shake off excess oil, then the hair dryer to cool the bread.
noodle frying
7, Packaging: bags and barrels
Bag Box: need to join the bag of vegetables, soup, and then bagging Pillow
Bowled or Cuped: The face cup cake with buckle and then rotated 180 degrees, so that the surface no breakage accurately fill the cup, then quickly added bag of vegetables and soup.
8, Checking: Check the surface by manual and machine packaging, weight and whether or not mixed with foreign matter
9, Sealing and film wrapping: Cup noodles need to moisture paper stamped aluminum coating, hot seal after checking for leaks
In order to dust and moisture, packaging polypropylene films by heating the shrink tunnel, shrink film close to the surface of the cup.
Single packed into cartons of instant noodles, production processes to complete it.

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