Whole Set Machine For Make Instant Noodle

Whole set machine for make instant noodle: Brine metrology mixer, Supply metering device, Double speed dough mixer, Disc curing machine, Single continuous rolling machine, Single-layer steamed noodles machine, Cutting and folding machine,Fried dryer, Strong Air cooling device, Shunt conveyor, Conveyor, Products conveyor, Electric control cabinet.
instant noodles production line
LONGER Machinery offers complete set of instant noodle production line, mainly used the international advanced production line of instant noodles production and manufacturing process to ensure that the quality of equipment and improve equipment performance:
1, Combined with advanced production technology and improve the quality system, production processes 100% quality testing.
2, It is with the modular design, reasonable structure, easy to use and line.
3, The complete line adopts advanced control theory, the entire line using high-performance PLC and inverter control, stable performance, high degree of automation.
4, High-precision digital laser processing equipment, equipment and mechanical properties in the design to achieve the best range.
5, Advanced data statistical functions and general expansion of the network interface for enterprise ERP system to provide real-time, accurate basic data.
Fried instant noodle production line has a box (pocket) and round block (bowl) of the points, there are a multi-functional multi-type combination. The weight of each piece from 50 grams to 100 grams of flexible adjustment; equipment capacity per shift (8 hours) from 20,000 to 200,000 free choice; roll width from 200mm to 800mm variety of matching. Equipped with optional equipment from the flour filter, flour conveyor, pasta curing machine, frying oil filter, cooling air filter, soup pouch charter, packing machine, packing machine and other optional free
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