Business Idea: The production of Instant Noodles

instant noodles production
Instant noodles are especially popular among single bachelors, fans of fast food and even business people who do not have time for a full lunch or dinner. Instant noodles are also a popular product in hikes or journeys. To produce such kind of instant noodles appears to have a property to swell by the addition of hot water. Instant noodles is loved by people of different social status. The structure packing includes ingredients such as soysauce, salt, sodium glutamate, mimics the taste of chicken, seafood, etc. 
Why should I do business for the production of instant noodles? For the reason that this product is popular. It appeared not so long ago, but became widespread in a short time.It has been achieved thanks to the rapid preparation, great taste and low cost.Demand for it is always high. The manufacuturing process of this product is not very complicated. All the ingredients for the production of instant noodles are characterized by availability and low cost. The cost price of 110grams package does not exceed 0.75 dollars, while the market value of 1.5-3 dollars.
instant noodles production line
Instant noodles prodution process
First, you must decide on the production technology. Each manufacturer produces noodles on a specific technology. It is recommended to make instant noodles based on palm oil. The fact that the expiry date of noodles on palm oil is one year, but the noodles in vegetable oil - about three months. All modern shop equipped with an automated line. Modern automated equipment can produce about 5000 packets in just one hour, with 6 -7 workers in one line.

What is the production process of instant noodles? To start the test batch is carried our, which is then formed thin pasta. The flour that used to make instant noodles is with high content of proteins. Added a certain amount of water to form a stiff dough. The dough is then sent into a special press to form thin sheets.And then the thin sheets after pressing are sent to the cutting machine to be cutted into threads.  The last stage - drying, frying and packaging.
All packages of instant noodles are provided with a veriety of spices powder sachets, and sauce sachets.

LONGER Machinery offers instant noodles production line with capacities as: 60000packs/8hours, 100000packs/8hours, 120000packs/8hours, 160000packs/8hours and 200000packs/8hours, both fried and non-fried instant noodles factory. It's necessary t o produce high-quality and delicious instant noodles at a lowe price. So get a business plan, get a perfect line to start your business.

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