The Production Flow of Rice Vermicelli

Making rice vermicelli is easy with this automatic rice vermicelli making machine. Improved rice, noodle dedicated machines, equipped with automatic air temperature means the entire production process equipment operating at a constant temperature state, the production of rice without crushing grinding, just wash the rice to soak into the machine to produce the product, high degree of automation, simple operation, l who can produce, automatic feeding, forming a self-cooked. 
The machine can making rice noodle, Guilin rice noodles, cross the bridge noodle, rice cakes, cake and other products. It can be produced in various shapes (round, flat), processed foods smooth appearance, thickness, width, thickness uniformity adjustable, soft tendons moderate, flexible, soft texture, pure flavor.
rice vermicelli making machine
The use of rotary shear-type grinding instead of ordinary grinding grinding principle, the perfect combination of a variety of fiber raw materials mixed production, to solve the vegetables, whole grains and other crude fiber raw materials production of rice flour technical problems, so that a more comprehensive nutrition, More abundant varieties.
The production process is simple and quick, the production rate is high, one step molding rice noodle machine can be directly into the rice, ten seconds to produce a step into powder.
The rice vermicelli making machine uses the principle of all-physics, to solve broken bar, loose silk and other key technical problems, and vacuum-like production process to solve the rice flour production is contaminated, nutrient loss problems. Forming rice flour for a long time cook, taste smooth, nutrient-rich.
A variety of circular flat vegetable type, miscellaneous grains, functional rice noodles, rice cakes, cibbs, cakes, soy milk and other products diverse and diverse, to solve a single product. One machine or one machine more than one mode of operation, can complete the production process, energy efficient, and less electricity.
rice vermicelli production flow
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