Instant Noodle Machinery Manufacturer

instant noodle machinery
LONGER Machinery provide the complete set of instant noodle processing line as well as the individual industrial instant noodle making machines, ramen machines, and the Asian vermicelli rice noodle machines, fresh noodles machines which can be used raw materials like mung bean, rice, corn, potato, sweet potato, yam, tapioca and other starch.
LONGER Machinery instant noodle machinery and ramen Noodle Equipment Serials include the automatic fried and non-fried instant noodle production lines, the easy cooking ramen noodle production lines, the hand-shaped easy cooking noodle processing lines, the fresh wet noodle lines that make Japanese ramen noodles, Hakka noodles, and rice noodle machines and rice vermicelli lines:
Fried instant noodle making plant: complete set of industrial instant noodle making machines to make instant noodles packed in bags and cups. 
Non-fried instant noodle making plant noodle line: complete set of hot-air dried, non-fried instant noodle processing machines for making instant ramen noodles packed in bags and cups. 
LONGER Automatic instant noodle processing line with perfect technology, compact structure, original design and stable performance. it realizes high automation, convenient operation, low energy consumption. All working procedures from feeding flour to finished products can be accomplished automatically.
This investment for this line is only one tenth of the large size one, application to small-size enterprises. The corrugated instant noodle produced by this line is tenacious, smooth and transparent. It is very easy to be saturated by water.

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