Cassava Starch Processing Plant

cassava starch machine
The main characteristic of Cassava Starch Processing Plant: The whole cassava starch processing plant adopts closed way and spiral flow device, low consumption, high efficiency and good product quality. In the process of starch recovery and purification, no longer use the centrifuge but spiral flow station, so as to avoid the extensive use of the moving parts. The whole process can be divided into the following units.
The cassava starch processing plant is automatic production line , from washing and peeling fresh cassava root until get final high quality cassava  starch . The production technology adopts euro technology - hydrocyclone prodcess to produce the cassava sarch. There is do not need any additives during the production . 
LONGER Machinery offers cassava starch processing palnt with capacity 500kg/h, 1000kg/h, and 2000kg/h the finished cassava starch.
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