The Working Process of Making Fresh and Dry Noodles

noodles making machine
Noodles, originated in China, is a simple production, nutrient-rich, and has long been accepted and loved by the people of the world. The raw materials used for making noodles are any kinds of flour or legumes added to water to form the dough, and then pressed and cut into strips (narrow or wide, flat or round) or small pieces, and finally cooked, fried, or braised.
In addition to China, peoples from South Korea, Japan, India, Nepal, Malaysia, Italy and other countries also enjoy noodles,like Arab region, Central Asia, Russia and other countries with more wheat production.
What is the working process of making fresh or dry noodles in commercial way? First, consider the capacity you want, as how many kilograms of the finished noodles do you want to process in one hour or one day. And then, buy a perfect noodles making machine. If you need to start from the raw material processing, get a dough mixer first.
1. Put flour into hopper,start the dough mixer, add proper water.
2. After mixing flour, open the gate,pour the mixed flour into feeding hopper, through pressing,form the thin dough sheet
3. Cut into different shapes of noodles by cutter. LONGER Machinery offers diffrent shapes of noodles cutters.
The fresh noodles making machine adopts chain, sprocket drive, and drive parts for transmission structure, durable, equipped with additional automatic return leather equipment, reducing the labor intensity of operators, increasing the efficiency.
noodles cutter

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