Video of Wafer Biscuit Production Process LGHG-39

This is working video of wafer biscuit production line LGHG-39. The complete wafer line is consisted of 39 mold automatic electric plate baking oven, sheet conveyor, sheet cooler, sheet collecting machine, cream spreading machine, wafer cooling tower, wafer book conveyor, wafer cutting machine, smashing machine, cream mixer, wafer batter mixer, electric control cabinet for cream spreading, electric control cabinet for baking oven, pillow-type packaging machines, as well as a set of spare parts and tools.
Automatic wafer production line is based on the actual situation of China's biscuits manufacturing industry, digestion and absorption of a number of foreign most prestigious wafer production line designed and manufactured. Baked out of the wafer surface of the wafer evenly finished, finished products of fine biscuits cream smear evenly, cutting straight; machine running smoothly, no abnormal noise. The production line with reliable performance, high yield, low energy consumption, easy maintenance, simple operation, non-polluting and so on. The whole machine of electrical and mechanical parts are used international / domestic brand name, long service life. The contact food parts are used 304 stainless steel, food grade PU belt, in line with health and safety standards.
Features and functions:
According to the needs of users to create a variety of different sizes, different shades of the wafer wafer
· According to the needs of users to create a variety of shapes of special-shaped wafer, such as: spherical, square grid, bar, etc.
· The cake can be transported to the chocolate machine by making the cake, made of chocolate wafer
· Automatic production process. The entire production line requires only four staff operations management
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