Automatic Fresh Noodle Making Machine

Usually, the flour refers to "wheat flour". According to the amount of protein in flour, flour can be divided into high protein flour, standard flour,and low protein flour. The flour used to make noodles is standard flour. The main nutrients of noodles are protein, fat, carbohydrates and so on. Noodles is easy to digest and absorb, improve anemia, enhance immunity, balance nutrition absorption and other effects. LONGER Machinery are well known enterprise in manufacturing and supplying highly demanded Noodles Making Machine. This automctic fresh noodle making machine can make different size of fresh noodles, automatic pressing, cutting into noodles. We can also equip the dough mixer. This automatic fresh noodles making machine can be used to make egg noodles, vegetable noodles, spinach noodle,etc.
All adopt the allloy steel roller, cover stainless steel;
Pressure sheet roller rotation rate can adjust arbitrarily;
Automatic transmission, molding at one time;
Automatic cutting, automatic roll on rolling bar.
automatic noodles making machine

Operation Manual of Automatic Fresh Noodles Making Machine:
1. The operator should read the manual carefully before using, strictly operate according to the instructions. 
2. The machine is strictly prohibited reversing. 
3. Check all parts if exists abnormal phenomenon before starting, the problem should be handled in time so as not to cause an accident. 
4. Make sure no iron or other hard objects mixed with flour, lest cause an accident. 
5. The machine is strictly prohibited to dig hands deeper into the rolling stick, gears, chains, cutter and other dangerous area. 
6. Ensure that the lubrication od each rotating part, with oil, oil cup, gears, chain parts oil hole, each secondary filling 20# -30 # engine oil, add a little cooking oil on the surface of cutter, rolling stick surface after each class. 
7. Idle running 10-15 minutes before rolling machine, winter indoor temperature production keep over 10 to 15 degrees. 
8. Keep the machine clean after downtime, no remaining inside each rolling stick, no dough. 
9. Replace the bearing grease once every six months.
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