Chinese Noodles Making Machine|Automatic Noodle Making Machine

Chinese noodles making machine 
Operation Manual:
1. Mixing: Dough mixing is the first process of noodles production,add the flour into the Dough Mixer. According to the provisions of about 25% of the proportion of water, start the power, mixing the flour and water up to granular. (About 10 minutes)
2. Adjustment: Adjust the roller gap with the handwheel. In the adjustment process, tighten or relax the number of hand wheel, the normal lock after the hand wheel.
3. Operation: Add the mixed flour into the bucket, fixed blade board, you can start the machine.
1. The machine shall be installed on a flat and hardened ground.
2. Oiling the machine before starting, replace the oil during the run-in period.
3. Check the parts.
4. Check the power and switch.
5. Remove timely dusts, small pieces and etc.
chinese noodles making machine
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