Video of Automatic Screw Type Oil Press Machine

This is automatic screw type oil press machine. The main features of this machine:
1. Formal --- regular state-owned military name enterprises, advanced technology and reliable, their R & D and manufacturing, quality assurance.
2. Performance --- spiral speed press, the real one machine dual, raw and cooked press.
3. Energy - the same output to reduce the electric power of 30% to an average of 6 times per hour to save electricity calculation, the production can save 30 yuan electricity.
4. Provincial workers --- the same output can save 60% of labor, 1 can organize production, day can save labor costs about 40 yuan.
5. Wide application: This  machine can be used to press peanuts, sesame seeds, rapeseed, soybeans, oil sunflower, flax and other oil crops
6. Oil pure --- vacuum centrifuge filter residue, oily thick translucent, fried cooking no pot, no blister, low smoke
7. Covers an area of ​​small --- oil only 10-20 square meters will be able to meet the production needs, saving shop investment costs.
8. Matching --- supporting automatic constant temperature drum electric wok, oil frying uniform and stable, do not rely on fried technology, full smoke, clean and sanitary;
1. High oil rate
The use of multi-stage to promote the principle of progressive pressure, so that the pressure of the press chamber increased rapidly, the maximum squeeze, squeeze the oil: In order to avoid the squeeze out of the oil again into the dry cake, the equipment inside the chamber Unique design of the oil tank, so that oil, cake quickly separated, a substantial increase in oil rate.
We improve the vacuum negative pressure filter oil for the air positive pressure filter oil. The coarse filter after the oil to force the fine filter, the oil filter speed increased in multiple; the original pressure-like high-precision fine filter: the state of the remaining oil were squeezed out, visual filtered cake has become a dry block, naturally improved Oil rate.
2. Temperature control fried materials:
Oil extraction industry has been a "three-point squeeze, seven fried material" argument, each oil has a different temperature of the most appropriate compression range.
We support the production of constant temperature electric frying machine, you only need to remember the different oil temperature of the press, you can carry out stable and efficient production.
3. Suitable for four seasons:
Vacuum fine filter press by climate constraints. When the temperature is reduced, the oil is thickened and the density increases, and the vacuum filter press is not working properly (especially in the winter in the north). A new generation of fine filter press, coarse filter device with a heating system, according to the ambient temperature, automatically adjust the oil temperature, in order to achieve the effect of rapid fine filter. This machine can be operated all year round.

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