Sesame Roasting Machine For Sale

This is drum type roasting machine, made of stainless steel, multi-functional energy saving. Based on the needs of the market design, this machine is with luxury design, integrating the advantages of all kinds of roasted machine performance as a whole, mechanical stability, belt drive, the choice of liquefied petroleum gas heating models, energy saving, efficient, safe and sanitary.
Multi-functional sesame roasting machine set a variety of large and medium-sized roasted out of the advantages of one of the goods can be used liquefied petroleum gas or gas as a heating source, automatic rotation, automatic stir fry, automatic pan, the whole machine imported stainless steel plate forming.
Application: Peanut, sesame, almond, cashew nuts, cocoa bean, melon seed, sunflower seed, chickpea, soybean, chestnut, pine nut etc
The use of advanced roller horizontal structure, drum heating evenly, and insulation function, the work of the drum kept rotating, so that roasted food up and down, around, before and after all three-dimensional stir fry, not There will be sticky pot phenomenon, frying the food color golden red bright, fragrant. Roasted seeds and nuts is very convenient, just press the reversing switch, the motor not only driven drum reversal, roasted seeds and peppers will be with the pan, automatic separation, fast and quick, easy and easy, clean and hygienic.
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