From Peanut to Peanut Butter

Peanuts are native to tropical America, the Indians hundreds of years ago by Aziteke pound crumbled into paste-like substance. Peanut paste used for more than a century, and there is no significant difference between early peanut paste and peanut butter. Early peanut butter "model" as Eziteke version, but is a pure roasted peanut paste. It is more difficult than it is now peanut butter production and distribution, but also some bitterness. Until the age of George Washington Carver, sugar and molasses ingredients are added to the formula to make it more palatable. Vegetable oil also later added to most goods and peanut butter, peanut butter promotion helpful, and modern processing equipment of the present invention to make peanut butter taste smoother than ever.
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A popular myth, George Washington Carver (1864-1943), he invented more than 300 kinds of use of peanuts, but does not include peanut butter, peanut butter has been a long time ago because of Eziteke invented .
Take a tour through the history of peanut butter!
    1890: St. Louis physician who developed packaging peanut paste teeth bad idea. Peanut paste is six cents per pound sold.
    1895: Kellogg brothers preparing to apply for patent peanut butter nuts steaming process. Today, the nuts are roasted seeds and nuts, and peanut butter is very tasty.
    1903: Dr. George Washington Carver developed more than 300 other uses peanuts, considered by many the father of the peanut industry.
    1904:. C.H Sumner introduced peanut butter World World's Fair in St. Louis. He sold $ 705.11 in the treatment of his booth!
    1908: Krema Products Company in Columbus, Ohio, began selling peanut butter, is the oldest peanut butter company in operation today.
    1922: Joseph L. Rosefield sold in California peanut butter, stir it to make it smooth. He received his first patent peanut butter can be kept fresh for up to a year.
    1928: A first use of the process is Siweifute Rosefield and company, later renamed Peter Pan.
    1932: Start at Rosefield Chomsky label producing peanut butter, and created the first crunchy style peanut butter after two years.
    1955: Procter & Gamble into the peanut butter business, the introduction of Jif in 1958 from the current JM Smucker company, operates the world's largest Jif peanut butter plant, producing 250,000 cans per day!
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