The Introduction of Macaroni

Also known as pasta macaroni, in a foreign country is one of the very ordinary pasta, of Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin and other places also have a small amount of production. Many types of pasta are generally selected starch rich food smash, gelled, flavored, squeezing, drying and made a wide variety of good taste, unique flavor noodles food. Pasta sauce can be left in the hollow pasta, eat up more not easy to do.
There are many varieties of macaroni, product shape can be divided into the following five categories.
(1) long macaroni There are four hollow tube, solid rod, strip and oval, etc., through a variety of extrusion die.
(2) Short macaroni is also hollow and solid points, generally less than 25mm in length, such as the dragon intestinal side elbow-shaped surface, such as shells, there are wounded in action sheet surface, side letters, as well as granular barley noodles, a lot of varieties, but also through a variety of extrusion die.
(3) Nestle products are generally flat circular-shaped and spherical.
(4) a variety of sheet product extruded sheet and having the shape of patches, such as the disc surface.
(5) special products "artificial rice" and other granular products
Pasta macaroni is rich in effects, such as promoting digestion, enhance immunity, promote bone development, lowering blood pressure and so on.
1, To promote digestion. Pasta is rich in magnesium, per 100 grams of pasta to contain 58 mg of magnesium, eat pasta, magnesium supplements, can promote enhanced gastrointestinal function, promote digestion and absorption of nutrients.
2, To enhance immunity. Pasta is rich in protein per 100 grams of pasta to contain 11.9 grams of protein, eat pasta, protein supplement, can improve the body immunity, enhance resistance.
3, To promote bone growth. Pasta is rich in phosphorus, per 100 grams of pasta in it contains 97 mg of phosphorus, eat pasta, added phosphorus, can promote the healthy development of bones and teeth.
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