Video of Pizza Cones Making Machine

This is test video of Pizza Cones Making Machine. This machine is with capacity max.60pieces one time, stainless steel design, which is perfect for commercially baking pizza cones, suitable for commercial business use. 
1. The mold material is aluminum, the surface is insulating material to prevent sticking cone.
2. Pizza mold size: 70mm * 160mm * 6mm
3. The temperature of the upper and lower molds can be adjusted according to the needs of the guests.
4. Can be adjusted according to different recipes pizza cylinder mold temperature of the upper and lower mold.
5. The machine has an automatic alarm device
6. Install leakage protection! safer! Rotating pizza oven (pizza oven, pizza baking), for baking sweet cone pizza (pizza, pizza). Rotary ovens make pizza evenly heated and balanced. According to the different materials of the pizza tube to set the oven temperature and operating speed, baking 60pieces one time(just 2 minutes). Delicious pizza and no need for knives and forks, peculiar cute eye-catching attractive shape, holding in the palm of the hand, stylish and elegant.
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