Introduction of Automatic Dough Mixer

dough mixer machineStainless Steel Dough Mixer Machine can be applied to a variety of other pasta and flour and other objects or scattered colloidal mixing equipment can also be mixed with other materials used.Its role is to mix the flour and the configuration of the water floc-shaped surface blank.
High efficiency, uniform mixing, improve the efficiency of cutting equipment, improve the quality of noodles, this dough mixer machine can also be used for food, pharmaceutical industry, a small amount of raw materials and raw materials, liquid mixing. Such as: pastry stuffing or mixed with dry powder.
First, the flour into the barrel, start the motor, the appropriate amount of water (noodles when the flour and water ratio of about 4: 1) when the required, you can open the gate, the flour will be leaf wing push come out.
1. Turn on the power supply before driving, the test run, check the various parts of the machine is normal.
2. Stirring wings of the direction of rotation should be consistent with the direction of the arrow;
3. Lubrication of the machine: Each year, the two bearings on the mixing spindle are filled with butter once and the sealing action of the oil seal is checked and it is found that the damage is replaced in time. Mixing should not be hand into the cylinder, the chassis must be ground wire.
Dough mixer machine can be equipped with automatic noodle making machine, to form a production line for making fresh noodles and dry noodles. All the machines are widely used in hostels, catering, hotel, units, hotels and school departments, ideal equipment for kneading the dough and stir food.
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