Machine to Make Cold Rice Noodle

rice noodle machineTo make cold rice noodle at home:
1, Add a small amount of salt in the flour, and mix into the dough, covered with a wet cloth to wake up about 30 minutes
2, The above obtained dough on a large container, add appropriate amount of water, began to wash gluten, kneading dough in the water kept until the container when the water mixed with thick, with a filter to filter to another container
3, Repeat repeat, until the water is no longer turbid, leaving the next piece of yellow stuff on the gluten friends, add a little baking powder in the gluten grasping uniform, steamer on the steam for 20 minutes, let cool after slicing (PS: you can not steam, with fried, and then fried to eat, the taste is not bad)
4, Keep the finished batter at least 3 hours to precipitate, even the night before the wash, steamed the next day, the longer the batter settling, to make the Liangpi children more tendons Road
5, When the precipitation is completed, pour away the water, with a spoon to the following precipitation of sediment, you can steam.
6, Add water into pot to boil, to the model (a special steam Liangpi mold, even with a cookie biscuit lid, the effect can be) brush a little oil, scoop a scoop batter into the batter How much by the individual to master, like a little thicker Liangpi children to scoop a little more, otherwise less, the model of the batter swing uniform, so that the model evenly cover the bottom of the batter. Then put the model in a boiling water pot and cover the lid. The fire has to keep the fire, steam about 5-6 minutes, the pot of cold skin children will slowly bulging on the bubble Well [1]
7, In the pool to build a pool of cold water, the model on the inside floating. You can also mold the inverted, with cold water directly at the bottom of the red, so the effect is better, so Liangpi children thoroughly cool thoroughly, the surface brush some oil, you can slowly peel off, according to their preferences cut into the article like.

For commercially make rice noodles, you should never miss this Automatic Rice Noodle Making Machine:
This machine is with stainless steel design, automatic model, which can finish the adding oil,molding,steaming,cutting within one machine,it is an ideal machine for local flavor snack.
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