The Production Process of Rice Noodle

rice noodle machineLONGER® Rice Noodle Machine is a new generation of automatic and energy-saving rice noodle machine, which solves the shortcomings of the traditional rice noodle machine. The machine using direct-heating, Swedish technology, diesel combustion machine heating, to solve the traditional rice noodle machine ignition difficult and large energy consumption shortcomings, and the installation of automatic grinding and automatic pendulum configuration.

Operating procedures of Rice Noodle Machine:
1 Put the device in a horizontal position, especially the conveyor belt is more to the level, ortherwise, the thickness of the finished rice noodle is not uniform.
2 Add water to a certain location, if the water level is too high will affect the quality of rice noodle, while too low will damage the heating tube, resulting in leakage.
3 Open the heating switch to start heating at the same time open the conveyor switch to adjust the location of the conveyor belt, and then with a wet towel coated in the conveyor belt evenly when the pointer to the thermometer at 100 ℃ -110 ℃ can be produced.
4 When making rice noodle, first pour the rice milk into the hopper, and then open the variable speed motor switch, according to Liangpi to determine the thickness of the motor rotation speed.The faster it turns, the thicker finished rice noodles.
5 The machine is with an oiling device, the coating tube directly into the second bag to open the bottom of the oil cup valve can be.
6 According to the quality of Liangpi open the fan, cut the knife when the bottom of the fan off.
7 Do not touch the finished rice noodle before cooling to avoid adhesion.
8 After the work, close the heating switch, clean up the conveyor belt after the thing off the conveyor switch.
9, As for the mixing of the raw materails, in general wheat flour, after washing, filtration, precipitation (6-8 hours), and then drained the excess water, the general ratio is 1: 1, which can also be based on the actual situation to be.
rice noodle machine
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