What is the Difference Between Low Temperature Noodle Machine and Medium One?

In the production of stick dry noodles,the drying part is very important. There are mainly low temperature drying method and medium drying method.
Low temperature slow drying method: Introduced from Japan noodles drying method in the 1980s, the maximum drying temperature does not exceed 35 ℃, a distance of about 400 meters, up to 7 to 8 hours.  The advantages of this method is to imitate natural drying, produce a stable, reliable product quality. The downside is that large investment and high drying costs, maintenance problems, etc., suitable only for some of the larger factory.
Medium temperature drying method: The advantages of high temperature and low temperature rapid method for the slow method and deficiencies of the 20th century 80-- successful research in the 1990s in the temperature-speed drying. This method has less investment, low energy consumption, high production efficiency, product quality and good features, has been popularized in this country.
stick dry noodle production line
How to choose the proper stick dry noodle machine?
1, Choose the manufacturer if you plan to buy noodle machine, rather than some small noodle machine trading companies or dealers, do not covet low price. To study the noodle machine manufacturers, first of all, you can see the company's strength how, can buy safe and secure. Second, you can see if the company has improved after sale service.
2, Choose the machine that suits your own business. Nowadays, there are many types of noodle machines. For example, automatic noodle machine, pressure pasta machine, electric noodle machine, small pasta machine, the new fully automatic pasta machine, low temperature noodle machine, cold noodle machines and so on. You may feel confused and do not know which it? First, look at what we want to do noodle machine. If restaurants, restaurants, or canteens, etc., we recommend that you choose or pressing machine, noodle machine small home; if you want a personal venture, franchising or noodle food factory, then we recommend that you choose noodle machine, large pasta machines. What if you want to increase the variety of noodles, or pasta type, it is recommended that you choose to use multi-functional noodle machine.
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